Content Marketing

"What the %$#@ is Content Marketing?"

We are all familiar with advertisements. Words that flash at us on billboards. What we wait for on Superbowl Sunday. It used to be enough to get customers to act - to establish identity and develop a customer base.

These days, however, customers expect more. The internet is full of free information - a commodity we all ingest like candy. That means customers don't just want a flashy photo of your product, they want to communicate with you - your brand - in order to establish trust. They want to hear what you have to say and how you say it. They want a relationship with you, one built on shared values and tastes.

Your brand needs a presence. Content marketing is a strategy that uses your voice to build customer trust and loyalty, through well-targeted email campaigns, social media discussions, blog posts. When you offer quality content to your customers you are giving them something valuable they can take away, like a sample at a Farmer's Market. You want them to say, "Whoa there, this is incredible! Where do I get me some more?!"

As in any relationship, you need regular, open communication. Start building rapport today. I offer affordable content marketing for any budget.

SEO/Content Management Packages starting at $149/month.

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