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Just DO It

Some things seem so simple, don't they? So obvious. Do what makes you feel good. Follow your dreams. Don't worry, be happy. Do your best and forget the rest.

So why do we makes things so hard for ourselves? OK, I won't put this on you (this time)... Why do I make things so hard for myself? I self-sabotage. I run away from dreams. I defer pleasures for the sake of pain. To prove something, maybe? To prepare for some unknown day when things will be awful and I will already be accustomed to discomfort?

Yes, Nike, you nailed it. We should just DO it.

I happen to be the Queen of over-analysis (I know you've been wondering who took that title - now you know). If I want something, it is a guarantee that I will toss and twirl the idea about in my mind like a cement mixer, churning it into scrutinized pulp before ever acting on the desire or chasing down the dream. I know I'm not alone. It's wise to think things through sometimes, analyze risks, see the big picture.

But not when I want to get up and go for a run, or decide what to order on a menu, or choose whether or not to pick up the phone and call my friend.

I make a million excuses, and then slink back (often after exhausting hours of thought) into my routine.

But I can say this to you now, friends. There have been the odd occasions when I have ignored the beast in my brain and, against all odds, just done it.

And every time, it's been great.

Like the time I hopped on a plane to Korea. Or the time I said "yes" to my husband's proposal. Or the two times I jumped off platforms, with cords attached to my abdomen, into the abyss.

Or, most recently, the time I published a book.

Here's the thing about over-analyzing stuff. It's generally circular and tedious and likely not serving you. Yes, running is going to hurt your muscles. Someone might order something tastier than you at the restaurant. And someone is definitely going to hate your book.

But not everyone.

If you know what you want - even something small - and you know it will bring you joy to get it, chase after it. Stop over thinking it. If there's an action you can do right now to move you toward that goal, just do it. Seriously. Right now.

This is how we gain momentum. Confidence. The things that propel us through fear and doubt and bring us to where we should be - above the ceaseless din of our self-doubt.

I'd love to know you took a little terrifying step, today. That makes more person in your corner. How many do we need, really, anyway?

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