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10 Reasons to Update Your Resume


“But I already have a job.”

“I’m at home with the kids and haven’t worked in years.”

“I’m retired and don’t plan on looking for work again.”

Why bother?

Having an updated resume isn’t just valuable for an immediate job hunt. Here are 10 reasons why you should update your resume now.

1.     Give yourself a confidence boost: You may or may not have a professional or personal support system around you that provides positive feedback on your accomplishments and skills, but a resume is a great opportunity to identify what you do well and give yourself a pat on the back.

2.     Identify your potential areas of development: When composing a resume you acknowledge specific strengths you possess and skills you’ve acquired, but often the process uncovers areas in which you wish you had more experience, expertise or understanding. Revealing these things to yourself can often guide you to explore new areas of learning and growth to evolve you in personal and professional ways.

3.     Remind yourself of your areas of interest and passion: We all get stuck. Routine and responsibility can detract us from the things that give us joy. Developing a resume is an opportunity to really think about the things that interest you – activities that bring meaning and worth to your life.

4.     Identify patterns and themes in your life: Some of us have a career or educational history that seems unrelated and accidental. However, when we start putting our life histories into a timeline alongside other factors like personality traits and interests, often times we start to identify common threads that give new meaning to our experiences and offer us a clearer understanding of ourselves and our story.

5.     Pick up some extra work: Whether its for a bit of extra spending money, an opportunity to develop our portfolio or a chance to learn something new, an extra side job can be of great benefit.

6.     Discover new opportunities: With a resume posted online, opportunities can often fall in your lap that you never expected. You may not be looking for something, or even believe you have the time for anything else, but putting yourself out there can lead to all kinds of serendipitous possibilities.

7.     Find a new job: If you are out of work, having a resume is crucial to get you back into the game. Some people make it through an entire lifetime of career opportunities that fall into their lap – knowing the right person, moving from one position to another with reputation alone. Some people also win the lottery more than once, but no one wants to bet on that as a life strategy. Even if you have connections, a document that validates who you are and what you have to offer is something you want to have available to any employer.

8.     Maintain status and client confidence: Whether it is in your industry as a whole or with individual clients, you want to be recognized for your expertise, experience and assets. Your employers, clients, customers and colleagues will keep confidence in your abilities and attributes if they have access to information that authenticates them. Keeping an updated resume available to them can be a great strategy to maintain loyalty and trust.

9.     Apply for a raise or promotion: You may already work for the company of your dreams, but what if a position comes up that’s even better than what you’ve got. You want to be able to show your employers how much you deserve it. Or to justify a raise at that next performance evaluation.

10.  Be prepared: It’s no secret that the economy is still on shaky ground, and with the speed in which the contemporary business world is constantly evolving, company mergers, acquisitions and modifications can mean that the rock-solid job security you think you have today could be gone tomorrow. Fortunately, life is full of possibility, but being prepared for anything can give you an edge against your competition. Having an updated resume means not have to scramble, should that day ever come.

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