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Copywriting/Editing Services

Whether it's blog posts, email marketing, landing pages or ebooks, quality content is the way to influence your audience - to guide them from a problem to your solution. To help them sleep a little better at night knowing your product or service has made life a little easier.

Knowing how to translate that message quickly, efficiently, emotionally and effectively is an art, and one I take seriously (as seriously as life should be taken).

I offer a wide range of copywriting services and content creation packages.



Content Marketing Services

Customers want quality content. They are hungry for information, and in a world where so much is so easily accessible, it's important to speak strongly to be heard through the noise.

Content marketing is the key to finding a voice and building a community of followers. Loyalty, after all, is the foundation of brand-building, and this can only be achieved through true, emotional connection.

Telling an authentic story is about knowing who you are and what you want to say. It is about establishing a narrative that others can identify with. And it is about sharing information in an engaging way.

I can help you develop your unique voice and share your expertise - your narrative - with your community.



Resume Writing and Personal Branding Services

Whether we like it or not, we are all selling ourselves. But sales don't have to be icky, especially when it is your professional identity on the "store shelf".

Understanding your personal value and marketing that to the world can be a powerful tool for achieving what you want in life. Whether it is a resume, cover letter or social media profile, I can help you find the right words to tell your story effectively and authentically.



Custom Writing Services

Have you got something to say but can't find the right words to say it? Maybe it's a seminar presentation, a wedding speech, or that novel you've been dying to get out there, let me help you craft the most memorable message.







Stumbling on the Downbeat

Life isn't so hard, Emma. Just be who they want you to be...

For fifteen year old Emma Bastien, life should be simple. Make friends with the popular kids. Excel at something. It worked for her brother, after all. He was a hero.

So when Emma joins a drum corps to impress her withdrawn parents and mend a broken friendship, she is surprised to find that things might not be so easy. Drum corps is hard. There's no rulebook for popularity. And even if there was, being true to yourself can often mean going against the crowd and challenging others expectations.

Will Emma find a place in the spotlight? Or, more importantly, will she find herself?